“…..i suppose this is where i introduce myself and share with you my story …..

“i am toni palumbieri – an experienced designer, a fitness freak, a food connoisseur, a home garden hobbyist & have been passionate about all things creative all my life…

….after 25 years working alongside award-winning reputable creative teams in both the advertising & design worlds, i decided to branch out independently and offer my creative knowledge to businesses who are seeking design services without the costly studio overheads. it’s the startups, the small businesses and the medium-sized businesses located in the outer suburbs who simply don’t have the big budgets to spend with boutique studios to create, nurture or develop their brand.

this is where i can help!  i can provide custom designed and cost-effective communication solutions without comprising on quality to help build your brand and bring success to your business…”


good effective design should not be complicated nor should it be expensive..  my ethos is unpretenious and straighforward: to deliver on time, on brand, on budget, diligently and with love!